The first post is about her.

I had been given the idea to blog afew years ago by a good friend of mine, she told me that my writing was absolute perfection, let me just say that I used to write a fair bit a very long time ago, mostly poetry. I found that I was good at it too, expressing myself on paper was easier than uttering a single word out loud. I can say that it hasn’t changed either. It has however gotten me into alot of trouble. I wrote something once about a girl. How I felt about her, how she made me feel, how I could imagine every detail and curve on her face, how drawn I felt to her, how she made me feel things and how the first time I kissed her felt like I was about to jump off a cliff to my death but not hit the ground. I told her that I loved her even if it was via instant message, I meant it wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t take it back. I wouldn’t even care if she didn’t feel the same way..but I knew I cared about her and I was always thinking about her. The fact that she is in another country doesn’t change how I feel. I haven’t heard from her in two years. I guess it’s for my own good. I should know better than getting caught up over another woman when I am already in a long term relationship.


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