Step 1.

My gf has just been back from a month long vacation. We’ve been drinking. Catching up. Talking.

Shes in this country by herself. No family. Nothing. Theyre all overseas. Shes only here because she has a job.. and then theres me. Over and over again she has said for years… there isnt anybody else… It’s just you and I. I thought it was the both of us. Together. Always. You and me.

She sent me to the store. “Pick up another bottle (whiskey) on your way back”. I got home and she was fast asleep. Phone in hand.

Usually.. I dont read her shit. I trust her. She knows my passcode. I know hers. lifes always been simpler that way. Is that even a word? Simpler?! Could be just the phonics. I could also be right.
Straight to the point.

Just because youre foreign.. It doesnt mean I dont understand your language. Hello? You taught me how to link sentences and read the alphabet of your mother tongue. I fucked up in the past. I cheated on you.. At least I was honest about it. You’ve made me regret every breath I take..

But going on 6 years into our relationship… does it excuse the fact that you quote “want him” and “love him”… Havent we grown up? Do i bore you? Im pretty sure I dont put anything before you or not give you any attention. Is it because Im struggling and unemployed? I wish you could be straight up and just lay it on the table instead of living behind your fairytale thoughts. Im sick of this. Talk to me.

why did you come back?
why did you leave everything behind?
what did you hope to gain by coming back here? I get hes your first love and hes important to you.. But youre no better than I am.

Fuck you.


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