I woke up this morning furious from a dream that felt like a dull memory slowly slipping away. I remember the important parts though. It’s not a fictitious story..This is true life and it happens to everybody. In every relationship, I’m pretty sure that sooner or later the idea or even the act of sex between two people in love go out the window.

Then there’s always that one person who says ‘but sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship’ well.. cool! good for you, that’s your opinion. You obviously don’t know me. You don’t know that my signature way of showing love is through touch, not talking. Apparently if I’m not getting any I’m supposed to just suck it up and get over it.. they say the woman has the power over the pussy and she decides whether or not it’ll wonder why people have affairs or get so addicted to porn. I know I am.

The last time I had sex was 2 days ago. Prior to that it had almost been 9 months. What the fuck is that? I’m not moaning about it like I’m horny 24/7. Its deeper than that. Its about the connection, feeling physically wanted in the moment..Its about knowing that the one you love is attracted to you as well as every inch of your skin flawed and all.

here we go.. now I’ve got writers block


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