I want to wake up in the morning and hope you’re still not being proud.

I want you to take it back
tell me you were wrong, that you care.

For once tell me that I was worth it
that you don’t want to lose me

Tell me it was just your fucking ego          that you could put all of it aside

Because if you prove me to be all wrong unfortunately I’ll believe everything

I’ll believe all of your fucking harshness I’ll believe your lack of love

I’m gonna take everything you said
I’ll attach the weights and drown it

Hoping it will never surface back
Hoping that I did the right thing

Hoping you don’t change your mind
because I’m weak deep down inside

I’ll never admit I’m hurting real bad
because thats weakness in your eyes

I don’t want your sympathy no more
or that look that means you’ve won

I need the strength somewhere within
to be alright eventually on my own.


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