Could you be right?
I can’t make up my mind.
I spend all this time running around with my tail between my legs wondering what I should do about my botched relationship.. and I’ve forgotten to take care of myself. I will only talk to you because as much as I hope that the world is kind and my friends and family are understanding, I’ve already made myself believe that no one wants to hear my problems..and if I spill, I’m going to feel like I’m a burden. I’m going to feel bad, so I withdraw, one step back until the next time I hear from you hoping you don’t bring it back up because that’ll be another step back until I give you the excuse that I’m way too busy to see you.
I can’t make up my mind still..
I want to be stronger than this..
You’re the second to last person I can talk to before I end up in a psych ward.


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