Playing with Fire.

I found myself doing something
that I usually always seem to do
every two to three years
I find myself playing with fire
I’m not going to agree with you
because she is not a sidepiece
She just came to exist in my life
least unexpectedly the exact time
my whole world walked out
Cant lie though, I liked not being alone
especially when I was promised
the loyalty from that one person
who absolutely meant the most
No matter how far apart in the world
she drifts in and out of my mind
like the tide in and out of the harbour
I dip into the water from time to time
and most people know I hate the ocean
You used to be able to watch from afar
But afar for us, is facebook and such
You insisted I carry on with my shit
but I remember sometimes you hide
till you opened up to me too
I cant forget your last voicemail
‘but I can’t do this I love you too
but I don’t want to get hurt by you’
As a man invested in a relationship
it is my duty to ignore such thoughts
but i am afraid that i am forcing
my heart to bury its soulmate
knowing that it still walks
upon this earth.


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